Music Technology Studio Audition

Here is what the Music Technology Studio audition will entail:


During the live audition, the applicant will be asked to explain some basic terms and components of sound synthesis, sampling, DAW and general midi production terminology (i.e.: Wave form, Sample, Modulation, etc. )

2. SONG MIX – (to prepare and submit before the audition day)

In ProTools or Logic Pro X, prepare a mix of song tracks that will be sent to you about 2 weeks prior to your audition date. In either ProTools or Logic Pro X use only the stock plug-ins. Then upload the session file as well as a bounced mp3 of your mix to the provided link. Be sure to use only the stock plug-ins so your session will be compatible on any computer running either ProTools or Logic Pro X. We will be using Apple Macintosh Computers.

3. MUSIC SCORE or SOUND ALIKE – (to prepare and submit before the audition day)

Choose to either compose a music score to one of the short movie clips that will be provided, or prepare a 2+ minute production piece that would be considered a ‘sound alike’ of one of the examples that will be listed. When finished, if you chose the movie score, upload a bounced QuickTime video (.mp4, .m4v, .mov) with your music included in the film. If you are doing a sound alike, upload a stereo  .mp3 or .wav file of your finished track. 


During your audition there will be a short music theory and ear training assessment administered.